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Does your business rely on Kings Canyon & Sequoia tourism?

Could you make more sales if every single one of the customers who stay at Gena's Sierra Inn and eat at our restaurant saw your business advertisement?

Advertise at Gena's Sierra Inn and reach the pre-qualified, onsite audience you actually want to target to convert our customers into YOUR customers.

Access to this pre-qualified audience is just:
$12 / month for 12 months

or $120 Annual Payment

The right audience, the right time, the right place, the right state of mind.

Last year Gena's Sierra Inn booked 1800+ rooms for over 2400+ nights and conducted 5100+ transactions at our restaurant.

Every one of our guests had one thing in common:
They were searching for an unforgettable experience during their vacation to Kings Canyon and Sequoia!


Why shouldn't your business experience be the one our guests find? Join our targeted advertising platform and we'll make sure every one of our guests are introduced to you.


Tourist Ad Campaign

Our guests have already arrived in the region and are looking for amazing local experiences. They WANT to see your ad!

(much cheaper than local newspapers or Google Ads)

Access to this pre-qualified audience is just:
$12 / month for 12 months

or $120 Annual Payment

A Subscription to the Tourist Ad Campaign Gives You Five Killer Ways to Reach Our Pre-Qualified Motel & Restaurant Audience

Direct Email

Sierra Inn booked over 1880 parties of guests. They all want to know what to do in our area.
When they book and upon arrival, we'll send them an email containing your ad.

Room Ads

Our rooms hosted a combined 2430 nights. Smart TVs in each showed ads when not watching shows.
Run your ads on our TVs inside our rooms.

Restaurant Ads

The restaurant served over 5100 transactions. Each person who ate with us watched our TV ad slideshow.
Run your ads on our  slideshows.

Website Ads had over 8300 visitors last year, all looking for a unique  Kings Canyon and Sequoia experience.
Get your business on our list.