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If you are coming down from the parks and need a shower after camping or hiking, showers cost $10 per person. Towels, washcloths, biodegradable soap, shampoo and conditioner are provided. We have an on demand hot water heater which means you can enjoy endless hot water. Our showers do not have timers so you can enjoy and relax. Showers and the flushing toilets are housed in a communal, restroom similar to a campground. There are locking privacy stalls and a coded deadbolt protecting the entrance. You will need to leave your ID with staff to rent the towels and washcloths.

If you order a shower online, please bring the receipt sent to your email and show the staff at the restaurant. Your shower will be valid only for the date on the receipt. 

Shower (a la carte)

Sales Tax Included
  • A $15 security deposit for the towel and washcloth will be charged at the time of purchase. You will receive this deposit back when you return the items to the restaurant staff.

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