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Our Restaurant

Our restaurant is a seasonal American Comfort Food establishment built in a rustic mountain cabin style typical of the 1930s. Hours and our menu vary depending on the season. To see our current hours and our menu, click the button below.


This Restaurant is So Good!

  • Fresh Ingredients: At Gena's Sierra Inn, we use fresh and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that each dish is of the highest quality and flavor.

  • Experienced Chefs: The restaurant is run by Gena herself who has a passion for creating delicious and satisfying meals. With nearly 40 years of experience as a professional cook, her food garners consistent rave reviews.

  • Wide Variety of Dishes: With a menu that offers a wide range of dishes, including classic Americana cuisine and local specialties, we make a great choice for guests with diverse tastes.

  • Attention to Detail: The team pays close attention to detail, from presentation to flavor, making each dining experience memorable and enjoyable.

  • Friendly Service: Our staff is friendly and attentive, providing guests with a warm and welcoming dining experience.

  • Beautiful Surroundings: We are located in a beautiful and peaceful environment, surrounded by scenic landscapes, making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy a meal.

  • Convenient Location: Located onsite, the restaurant is convenient for guests staying at the inn, making it easy to enjoy a delicious meal without having to venture far from the hotel.

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