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Bella Brooke Café in Gena's Sierra Inn, LLC

On Site Restaurant

The Bella Brooke Cafe at Gena's Sierra Inn is our on site restaurant serving Traditional American Comfort Food. Our establishment is a rustic mountain cabin styled building, typical of the American 1930s. Hours and our menu vary depending on the season.


Known colloquially as Gena's Place by locals since she bought it in 2004, the restaurant was finally officially named "Bella Brooke Cafe" after our two granddaughters, Bella & Brooke. Their youthful enthusiasm is the inspiration behind everything we hope to accomplish. 


To see our current hours and our menu, click the button below.

Classic BLT at Bella Brooke Café in Gena's Sierra Inn


Gena's Place: Sierra Inn & Restaurant est un restaurant rustique de style familial avec un Americana Inn classique. Nous avons neuf chambres disponibles pour la location à la nuitée et deux ensembles qui peuvent être convertis en suite à l'aide d'une porte centrale verrouillable.



Dietary Options


At Gena's Sierra Inn, we get that our guests hail from all over the world. So cultures have very different diets and prefer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.  We intentionally stock options for these dietary needs.

  • Vegetarian: Most of our recipes are made with vegetarian requirements already included. Our pastas are all vegetarian until a patron requests the inclusion of a meat.

  • Vegan: We also can prepare many dishes by vegan standards meaning no ingredients used in the dish are derived from animals.

  • Gluten Free: We stock gluten free buns and many of our main dishes can be prepared with rice or gluten free substitute noodles upon request.

  • Halal or Kosher: We are not certified for either religious dietary restrictions. However if you share with us what your needs are, we will do our best to work with you when preparing your meal.


Our famous Weekend Warrior Burger can be made with a Garden Burger and our fryer uses only vegetable oil

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