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Vacation Rental Discount and Referral Program

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Vacation Stay Referral Card
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This is the actual address of your vacation stay which we will link to Google Maps.

Upload Ad Image

8.5"x11" advertisement for your vacation rental. We will print this and add it to the Preferred Partner Referral Handbook that we give to warm leads who need a place to stay and we have no vacancy (often during tourism season). PLEASE UPLOAD A PDF.

Upload Business Card Image

1050x600 pixel ad. This is the size of a business card. It will be added to our website next to the booking link by your vacation rental name. PLEASE UPLOAD A JPG.

We won't pitch your vacation stay. It's up to you to convince the warm leads to book with you. Use this to write a pitch selling your vacation rental to the guest. This description will appear exactly as you write it on our website.

This is the internet direct booking link to your rental so people can book your property online. Many people use Airbnb, VRBO, or their own website URL.

Once you press submit, please wait until a message is displayed telling you the outcome. It may take a minute while images are being uploaded.

An error occurred. Try again or email booksierrainn@gmail.com for help.

Your form has been submitted. Thanks for participating in the Vacation Rental Discount Program with Bella Brooke Cafe at Gena's Sierra Inn. You should receive an email confirmation. If you have additional questions, please contact +15593408487 by text / what'sapp or email booksierrainn@gmail.com

If you would like to see what your submission looks like please visit 


Vacaton Rental DiscountProgrm

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Your content has been submitted

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