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We require a $31.05 pet cleaning fee (plus a 3.5% online payment processing fee) that includes the duration of your stay (not nightly). Our staff takes extra precautions to clean after pets stay because we know some guests are allergic to animals.


Please indicate your name, the date of your booking and your room in the comments section so we can make sure to mark your account as fully paid.


This fee applies to the entire length of your stay. It is not a per night charge.


We love pets! They are welcome on our restaurant deck and may stay with you in your room. Also, we have an area where dogs can roam, safely away from the highway. The dog park is not fenced in a way to keep dogs from exiting, so please monitor your pets to avoid losing them.



You will receive an email receipt once you place your order. We will mark your unit as fully paid for pet cleaning.

Pet Cleaning Fee

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