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If you are coming down from the parks and need a shower after camping or hiking, showers cost $10 per person. Towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo are all provided. We have an on demand hot water heater which means you can enjoy endless hot water. We do not have timers on our showers so you can enjoy and relax. Showers and the toilets are housed in a communal, restroom similar to a campground. There are locking privacy stalls and a coded deadbolt protecting the entrance.  To order a shower you can use this link. 



Our public laundry facility is not large. It consists of a single washer and dryer. They are residential size, so please do not overload them with clothes. An iron and board are available for use if you wish to press your clothes. It costs $10 for access to the laundry facility which includes ONE set of laundry soup and, dryer sheets. Additional supplies are available for a separate fee.



Supplies for one load of laundry. Dryer sheets and laundry detergent. Please bring your online purchase receipt to the restaurant front desk to receive your supplies. Purchases are only good the date of the sale and expire the next day.



We do not have an electrical vehicle charging station on site. At this time there are no EV charging locations in our region.

However if you really need access to trickle charging, we have ONE dedicated 120v outlet which can be booked at $20 per night.

Electric Car Charging Station


Gena’s Sierra Inn and Restaurant invites you to experience a relaxing and scenic outdoor dining experience on Highway 180. You and your guests will enjoy a cozy and private space surrounded by nature, with views of a seasonal creek and the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains. We can accommodate groups of a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 45 people within a comfortable outdoor setting that includes toilet access.

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