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Vacation Rental Discount Program

Offer your guests 5% off all food and drinks when they eat at Gena's Place
Off food and drinks courtesy of your vacation rental.jpg

Your vacation rental can now offer a 5% discount to your guests on all food and drinks when they dine at Gena's Place!

Your guests feel appreciated and there's nothing you have to pay to offer this bonus. Perks like this help boost your overall ratings, and wise  Vacation Rental Managers know how important that is in attracting new business.

Join our discount program today by signing up for FREE here:

You'll receive:

  1. Your own discount coupon code, personalized for your vacation rental

  2. An 8.5x11" laminated menu to place in your guest guide book

  3. A laminated flyer featuring your very own Coupon Code


Vacation rentals in the Kings Canyon / Sequoia region have already started offering these discounts to their guests. Get your personalized 5% vacation rental discount for free, now.

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