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Ansel Adams Mini Cabin

Per Night $USD:


Price for Additional Guests (14 and older) $USD:


Guests Included in Price


Price for Additional Guests (13 and younger) $USD:


Max Adults (14 +)


Number of Pets Allowed:

(Pet fee required)


Bed Types:

Two Queens

Accomodation Type:

Campground Style Mini Cabin with Shared Bath

Accomodation Description

These mini cabins are 10 x 12 foot (120 sqft) detached units with a queen bed on the ground floor and a queen bed located in the upper loft. The 10 x 6 foot (60 sqft) loft is accessible by ladder and is NOT recommended for mobility-challenged guests. These cabins are equipped with an air conditioner, fan, heater, WIFI, and overhead reading lights. We consider them as an economical and comfortable alternative to resort stays for your vacation in Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks.

A smart tv in the cabin connects to multiple free channels but you are welcome to login your own accounts to watch your favorite on demand or live tv. Remember to unlink your streaming service accounts upon departure.

With an onsite restaurant, you can choose to eat a professionally prepared meal or you can choose to bring your own food and book the communal kitchen stocked with a fridge/freezer, microwave, sink, stove top, air fryer and coffee pot. Restaurant hours vary depending on the season. You can find our menu and hours here: https://www.genassierrainn.com

The mini cabins village is located at the base of the property and is enclosed by a white picket fence.

Amenities Available When Booking our Mini Cabins:

-The mini cabin units consist of 190 square feet of sleeping quarters only, furnished with beds. They are equipped with air conditioning, heating, 120-volt electrical sockets, lighting, reliable WIFI, and a Smart TV. However, please note that there is limited space for luggage, and no storage closets are available. Each unit features beds on the main floor and additional beds in a loft area accessible via a 7-foot ladder. It's important to mention that the loft area is not accessible for individuals with mobility impairments. We have added it to provide sleeping quarters for youths and smaller, agile adults. These units are designed to meet essential needs while remaining affordable in comparison to National Park Lodges or local private vacation home rentals, which typically range from $240 to $340 per night.

-The restroom and shower facilities are communal and shared, providing private, lockable stalls. While the space is enclosed to protect against direct sunlight and rain, it is not heated or cooled since since venting is provided by open-air access. The facilities are supplied with an on-demand hot water heater. To use hot water, let the faucets run for approximately 60 seconds to allow the cold water to clear the pipe line. Additionally, there is a standard sink with spacious counters for general grooming and hand washing. The restroom area offers two flushing toilet stalls with lockable doors, connected to a septic system, providing convenience without the annoyance of pit toilets. For showering, there are four lockable shower stalls equipped with shower caddies, making it easy and accessible. The entire restroom facility is protected by a lockable front door accessible by a door code emailed and texted to you the morning of your arrival date.

-The optional kitchen and laundry facilities are also communal and shared, housed in an enclosed unit with a lockable front door. This space can be heated or cooled as needed. Similar to the restroom area, these facilities are connected to an on-demand hot water supply. Within the kitchen area, you will find a standard sink, a standard refrigerator with a freezer, a microwave, an air fryer, an electric grill, a coffee pot, a toaster, as well as utensils, dishes, pots, and pans for your cooking needs. General kitchen cleaning supplies are provided at no additional cost. Additionally, there is a standard-size laundry washer and dryer available for mini cabin guest use. When booking a mini cabin, access to the laundry units is included. Detergent and dryer sheets are available for purchase separately (or you may also bring your own). Please note that access to the kitchen and laundry unit is not included and a separate fee is required. Kitchen / Laundry access is a per day upgrade.

The interior of our mini cabins feature ground floor beds and a loft bed accessed by a 7 foot ladder. The loft is not considered accessible for mobility impaired individuals. We have added them to provide sleeping quarters for youths and smaller, agile adults.

Each of our mini cabins come with air conditioning, heating, a smart TV, WIFI, complimentary towels / wash cloths, biodegradable toiletries and free coffee / tea

The cabins kitchen and laundry unit comes with all of the typical appliances, dishware, cooking utensils and cleaning supplies you'd find in a kitchen as well as a full sized refrigerator/freezer and washer/dryer.


  • 160 square feet of comfortable space

  • Air conditioning, heating, electrical sockets, lighting, reliable Wi-Fi, and a Smart TV

  • On-demand hot water supply in communal restrooms

  • Biodegradable toiletries, towels, and washcloths

  • Affordable pricing compared to other accommodations in the area

  • Coffee pot with complimentary coffee

  • All linens and bedding

  • Pet Friendly for up to two pets (pet cleaning fee required)

  • On site restaurant

  • Free small pool access / sunning deck with outdoor picnic furniture

  • Just 14 miles to the Big Stump entrance of Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks

  • Only 5 miles from the Giant Sequoia National Monument

  • Two miles from the last gas station for 30 miles deep into the Parks

What's Not Provided:

  • Mini-fridge, freezer, microwave (optional upgrade available)

  • No mini-fridge / freezer / microwave / coffee pot inside the cabin

  • Kitchen and laundry facilities available in a communal space (requires additional fee)

  • Closet or extensive storage area

  • Parking is limited to one vehicle directly in front of your room

  • No hairdryer

  • No restroom attached to the cabin unit (shared communal campground style restroom is available)


Room Conjoins With



Private Bath


Max Adults (14 +)


Max Children (13 & Under)


Size (sqft / sqm)

180 / 16.7



Year Built


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