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Things to Know When Staying Here

Every place you stay has quirks and things that make it unique. Here's a quick list of the quirks that make our place interesting.

Contactless Check Out

Check out time is 1100 hours Pacific Standard Time. You do not need to meet with staff. Simply place all trash in the provided receptacles and close your door.

If you logged into a streaming service using our Smart Tvs, please log out prior to your departure. Gena's is not responsible if you forget to log out.

Pet Friendly

Pets are welcome to stay with you and to roam the grounds. They can sit with you on our decks while you enjoy your meals.

There is a pet park behind the inn which you can find by following the dirt road at the lowest part of the property by the highway. Complimentary poop bags are provided and we appreciate it if you clean up after your pets.

We charge a $30 cleaning fee for the entire stay when pets stay with you to ensure our next guests do not have any allergic reactions.

WIFI & Internet Service

Mountain internet service is never as strong as city WIFI. You will likely have just enough to stream video on your Streaming TV. We don't suggest streaming video on multiple devices. The WIFI is provided at no extra cost.

Our service providers only offer around 80-100 mbps in downstream bandwidth which is shared by all guests.

Streaming Smart TVs

Our units contain streaming televisions. There are plenty of free channels to watch, including Roku TV, FreeVee, Pluto TV, Tubi and many others. You are welcome to add your account to subscription services like Netflix, Disney+ or Hulu but Gena’s Sierra Inn is not responsible if you forget to unlink your account when you depart.

In some rooms the power for the TV is connected to the light switch by the door. We apologize for the inconvenience but feel free to turn on the switch and simply turn the overhead light off using the hanging string attached to the light.

Local Authority

Life threatening emergencies using a US Phone Number: 911

Sheriff (Law Enforcement): +15596003111

Fire Department (Medical or Fire): +15593372524

Hot Water

Our hot water system is “on demand”. The water heater will only operate when the hot water tap is turned on. Please turn your shower / tap on hot and let it run for a minute or two to let the cool water drain from the pipes while the hot water reaches your line.


Housekeeping is instructed to unplug ALL appliances for safety and energy conservation. If you would like to use the appliances, please feel free to plug them in and turn them on. Sometimes the power strips are also turned off.


Most mini-fridges can be turned on by opening the fridge door and setting the dial to "5".

Hair dryers use so much amperage, they often trip our breakers. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THEM. 

If you accidentally run too many appliances at once and the power goes out, unplug the appliances and locate the RESET button on the outlet or power strip and press it for 1 second. That should reset the GFCI protection device.  If that fails to restore power, call/text/WhatsApp us at +15593408487  

Weather / Webcams

To Check Current Weather Conditions, you can use weather reports and/or view webcams

Click here to view current conditions

Contact Information


General Inquiries, Housekeeping and Maintenance +15593408487 (Text Message or Voice and WhatsApp)

Facebook/Instagram/Google Maps @genassierrainn

Should you have any other questions during your stay, feel free to contact us. We hope you enjoy your stay and visit us again in the future!

Gena's Sierra Inn & Restaurant
37692 E Kings Canyon Road
Dunlap, CA 93621

+1‪(559) 340-8487 (Text Message or Voice and WhatsApp)

After Hours Assistance

Our night manager lives in the yellow house on the opposite side of the restaurant. Please respect her privacy. But should there be an emergency, you may ring her doorbell for assistance or call +15593408487.


You can also use the self-service kiosk at the restaurant front door. Ring the blue door bell and wait a few minutes for the staff to answer.

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